The Evolution


You’ve tried a gym membership only to realize that you don’t have the time. You’ve dedicated a full hour to fitness only to realize that you only have twenty minutes left after driving. And, with those twenty minutes, how much time do you spend waiting for equipment? Your kids are at home waiting for you. You’ve got errands to run. Let’s face it, your time is precious and it’s limited.

The Evolution makes fitness training more effective, practical, convenient, and accessible for you. Your training will be fun and engaging and, depending on your goals, you can build strength and endurance or develop agility, coordination, endurance, body awareness, or body control. You choose! It’s your evolution.

Life’s inconveniences are no longer an excuse. Now you can, in the comfort of your home, get a fun, quick, and effective workout whether you have 10 minutes or 60.







The Evolution unleashes the awesome potential of resistance bands to train you in the most complete way possible.

The Evolution:

  • leverages the 3-dimensional nature of resistance of bands to develop strength, conditioning, agility, mobility, and body awareness.
  • will train you with effective, low-impact, and joint-friendly exercises and challenge you in ways you’ve never been trained before.

The Evolution was specifically designed to fit your household space. Where other training equipment is large, heavy, and immobile, the Evolution is compact, lightweight, and mobile. 

The Evolution:

  • is the size of your average recliner; 3 feet x 3 feet and can be moved around with little effort
  • can be assembled/disassembled quickly and effortlessly with no bolts, screws, or fasteners

The Evolution is easy to use for all abilities and experience levels!

The Evolution:

  • offers both assistance and resistance based on your experience level
  • is capable of a large variety of exercise and will keep training fun and exciting

You will love your Evolution because it will make fitness so much more practical, fun, and accessible to you. If, for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, we are happy to give you this guarantee.

Within 14 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your Evolution and if you don’t think it will help improve your lifestyle then we have not done our job. For more details, see our FAQs. Otherwise, please feel free to Contact Us. We will be happy to provide instruction on how to return it, no questions asked!


“Working with the Evolution for the past 4 weeks has definitely been a unique and enjoyable experience. I have noticed a change in muscle tone, physical fitness and overall wellness. I like the idea that I can workout every muscle group from one single gym equipment and doing it in my own home or even my backyard. It takes up very little room and is easy to move around and can be easy disassembled for transporting. The Evolution is definitely at the top of my list of gym equipment.”

Bradley H.

“The VN Vigor team has been awesome. They were able to accommodate our ever changing schedule and were almost always early for training. I am very happy with the quality/structure of the Evolution and the knowledge of the trainers. This is definitely a great work out – I highly recommend checking this out regardless of your fitness level. A big thank you to Vu, Natalie and the VN Vigor team!!”

Michele L.

“Thank you Vu for introducing me to the Evolution. The Evolution is very unique and challenging. I have been able to do workouts that I never knew I was capable of. Following a regular workout schedule and a meal plan, I lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks.”

Kalie N.


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